Psk solution maintenance commitment:

1. After receiving the customer's maintenance machine, ask about the fault situation to determine the cause of the fault and make a preliminary quotation;

2. Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the machine sent by the customer for maintenance, and provide the customer with testing Report and report the official repair price; repair after the customer confirms the quotation;

3. The repair content includes eliminating known faults, replacing aging and damaged components, and thoroughly cleaning and maintaining the inside and outside of the machine.

4. After repairing, carry out a simulated load test on the equipment, and send it back to the customer after completion, and the customer will carry out the on-site test on the whole machine.

 5. For customers around delhi , haryana and punjab, we can provide industrial delivery inverter fault repair service according to the situation. The company currently has branches in kundli,sonipat  and sampla.

 Warranty commitment: We promise to provide customers with one-month warranty for the maintenance equipment, the faulty parts (products) will be repaired and returned within one week, and spare parts support will be provided within 3 hours in case of emergency.


   service hotline: +919050012250 Mr. prem singh


Attention to customers from other provinces:

 (1) Customers can mail the machine to us through the post office or logistics companies around the country. We guarantee to carry out free inspection and feedback on the machine's fault condition for the sent machine, and then determine the maintenance matters.

 (2) For the sent machine, you have the absolute right to decide whether to repair it or not; if you do not agree to repair it, we will deliver it back to you safely as the machine was delivered.

(3) Please pay attention to the repaired products sent Write down your contact information, company name, phone number, and contact person.  it is best to write down the current fault condition of the faulty product. 

Psk solution payment account number

Company Name: psk solution.

 Account Bank:axis bank kundli sonipat Haryana

 Account Number: 918020047531844

Ifsc code-utib0001167