Company profile

Psk solution was established in sonipat haryana in 2015. It is an automation technology company focusing on the field of industrial automation and integrating product plc hmi  program development, and industrial control product maintenance. The company has been committed to the design, development and application services of industrial control automation product system integration solutions such as inverters, plcs, hmis, servo drives, all-in-one machine controllers, and quality testing machine. Psk solution has always maintained the development of international cutting-edge industrial electrical automation control systems. Direction and innovative application, has established a cooperative agency relationship with many well-known brands at home and abroad. Psk solution has always adhered to the management service concept of talent as the core, innovation and service. The company has a number of experienced, strong technical force, high-quality professional technical service team, the company has served plastic machinery, electronic equipment, textile machinery, medical equipment, visual inspection equipment, food machinery, packaging machinery, coating equipment, numerical control equipment, water treatment equipment, multi-joint robots, and non-standard equipment industries provide a large number of professional automation solutions, providing one-stop service from product selection, scheme design, electric control cabinet assembly, program development, equipment debugging, and maintenance services, provide customers with high-quality products and technical support services in a timely manner. Industrial control maintenance provides customers with maintenance services for imported brand inverters, plcs, hmis, dc speed controllers, servo drives, and servo motors. The maintenance is committed to becoming a market leader in the industrial control servo drive maintenance industry segment. Psk solution will continue to launch energy-saving, high-efficiency, precise, and humanized industrial control integration products. With professional and unique industrial control technology, leading and applicable innovative products and deeply integrated solutions, it will help customers realize industrial transformation and mechanical automation upgrades. Industrial automation, in order to realize the common growth of customer value, employee value and enterprise value. Focus on maintenance of european and chins high-end brand servo drives, servo motors, touch screens, plcs, cnc systems, industrial robots, professional chip-level maintenance of schneider, lenz, beckhoff,fatek,weinview, kollmorgen, siemens, rexroth, ab, b&r, roadster , emerson ct brand industrial control products. Our company's maintenance advantages and characteristics:

1. Psk solution is equipped with complete advanced hardware diagnostic testing instruments and software diagnostic technologies, including special testing instruments designed for ourselves, frequency converter comprehensive testing test bench, servo system comprehensive testing bench, 4-channel 200m oscilloscope, circuit board online tester, etc.

2. Psk solution service has the characteristics of fast response, short cycle, high repair rate, reasonable price, and sufficient accessories, etc., and timely overcomes the maintenance problems of automatic electronic control systems.

3. Psk solution has long-term researched the field of servo control and cooperated with many technical units. It has professional inspection and maintenance equipment and successful cases of technical maintenance solutions.


We  promise: all products repaired by our company are guaranteed for free for one months. With the best cost performance and the best quality, we look forward to sincere cooperation with you. Psk solution provides free inspection, checks the repair price first, and then repairs after the user's approval. If the customer is not permitted to repair, we unconditionally withdraw the machine from the customer without charging . Spare parts are best quality and delivered quickly. All repaired frequency converters are tested and quality-guaranteed, and chip-level repairs are best quality and  fast. After the equipment is repaired, a one month warranty period is provided(for same issue ,not any hardware damage). For some customers in haryana, delhi, and punjab, we can provide industrial service and provide company-to-company installation/commissioning/maintenance one-stop service.


Quick repair service hotline: +919050012250, Mr. Prem singh 

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